Drupal death spiral

I don't believe I have that complex of a drupal install. Today, I got into a twisty maze of updates that left my site dead in the water.

I'm not sure why, but a notice of an update to the cck module lead to no content being generated. Off to the races, googling for the fix. Suggestions that I need to update Date, Calendar, Views, etc... all updated... result was no content generated. In the end I re-downloaded drupal, extracted the modules directory, replaced the bad one with that, and deleted views, cck, date, calendar... directories in modules. That got it back up, well enough to revert to the previous (rc6) version of cck... which seems to work as well. Now its whining I need to update cck and views, but I know only sadness lies there. So I'll leave well enough alone. Sorry for the downtime. This is the downside of having your whole site in a single CMS.

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