Comment Spammers... not why Al Gore invented the Internet

The spam hit parade keeps on rolling!

More Munin Monitoring Madness

Another quick Munin monitor script, this time for drupal 6 (since it works on the database itself, YMMV and who knows if it works on drupal7.)

NoSQL, Drupal. Drupal major upgrade. Modules. Modules Modules.

In the last major chunk of work I did for Nokia, I was working with mongodb (one of the crop of NoSQL document stores popping up like mushrooms in the fall in New England) and, despite some serious warts, I was impressed with the value of an unstructured schemaless data store when working on a fluid prototype. I've been thinking ever since that drupal's data store would be a natural fit for something like mongodb. I wasn't alone.

Twitter feed in Drupal

Twitter in Drupal. It works. Simple. Well, sorta.

Blogging Via Email in Drupal

Nothing earth shattering to report today, just working on the drupal install itself.

Patching vs Installing all those Drupal files

Just a quick note, if you've got shell access to your drupal install, this site provides patch sets so you don't have to do the massive copy dance for every new release.

Drupal Tweaking - triggers!

I got my first comment on the blog today. Yippee.

Drupal update... survived it

Mostly. Except for being able to actually create or edit posts via drupal. Never easy, is it?

Added tags (and directory) to drupal

Nothing earth shattering... just pointing out the new directory link on the left.

Drupal 6.4 date rendering... ignores timezones.

Maybe it's me. Maybe I've done something wrong in the install of Drupal. It just never seems to honor the timezone setting when rendering dates. I posted this over at the drupal site, but if you happen to have the same problem, this is the hack I did to fix it at my site. Edit... nope. Something is still fishy. Maybe its just a problem with ScribeFire? Who knows.

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