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Who knew this was open source?

Comment Spammers... not why Al Gore invented the Internet

The spam hit parade keeps on rolling!

Simple Munin Wifi Traffic Monitor

Another in the endless series of Munin monitors, for the sharing on the internets - Intellinet 450N Wifi Router

Mac Update Madness!

It's update time again. This time, the Macs got some love.

Windows Phone 7

Part 3 in my ongoing Microsoftification is now complete. I'm using an HTC Titan with Windows Phone 7.5, and not my iPhone.

Update Saturday

Today I updated stuff. For a few hours. Yay, the simple life provided by modern technology.

C++ 11

Just finished up two days of finding out what's new with C++ (C++ 11) at GoingNative2012. You should view the rebroadcasts at that link.

More Munin Monitoring Madness

Another quick Munin monitor script, this time for drupal 6 (since it works on the database itself, YMMV and who knows if it works on drupal7.)

NoSQL, Drupal. Drupal major upgrade. Modules. Modules Modules.

In the last major chunk of work I did for Nokia, I was working with mongodb (one of the crop of NoSQL document stores popping up like mushrooms in the fall in New England) and, despite some serious warts, I was impressed with the value of an unstructured schemaless data store when working on a fluid prototype. I've been thinking ever since that drupal's data store would be a natural fit for something like mongodb. I wasn't alone.

Powershell and Perf Counters - oh bother!

As part of the new reality of working for Microsoft, I'm learning all the Microsoft ways of doing things. I'm in an Operations group doing very large operational things. The intersection of these two lines of thought are PowerShell and Perf Counters.

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