Windows Phone 7

Part 3 in my ongoing Microsoftification is now complete. I’m using an HTC Titan with Windows Phone 7.5, and not my iPhone.

In Part 2 (not blogged) I Embraced the Insanity and dove into C# for a bit of Business Intelligence / Big Data work, after lightly dipping into PowerShell (which I ended up needing to know after all, although not in the way I expected.)

In Part the Third, I Embrace the Mobile Insanity and get myself off of the iPhone. I’ve been using an HTC Titan on AT&T for the past few days, and I actually am finding it to be quite a pleasant change from iOS, and the iPhone 4. Part of that is due to the refreshing break from the “iphone” form factor (the Titan isn’t named Titan for nothing) and part of it is because of the refreshing break from iOS. Sure, there are a handful of apps I’ll miss, and there are still a few rough patches in there – but the development system seems reasonable and the Metro UI is a winner.

Now if only I didn’t have to use an unofficial xda developers app loaded on your phone after dev-unlocking it just to take a screenshot. Oh well.