Blogging is like Fasting

The discipline of fasting prepares us for communion with God and for His service. Does the discipline of blogging accomplish anything?

What then shall be my role for blogging? Thus far, I have tried for a daily post somewhat legalistically, and I admit that I approached today’s entry with more a sense of duty then a desire to write about anything. And then God smiled on me and reminded me about fasting. Fasting (for those who don’t) is called a discipline or rule, not a sacrement. I know, lots of strange religious words there, but I could just as easily say fasting is a practice, or a training routine, and not a requirement. Although sacrament doesn’t exactly map to requirement. Law isn’t even close, it’s actually going the wrong way. A sacrament (to me) is something I MUST HAVE in my life, like food, water, air, sleep – it’s not optional. A discipline is something I do that helps me live my life. It’s good to do, if done for the right reasons or the right way, if that makes sense… although the right way is more in the head then in the specifics of the doing.

Well, here we are off in the weeds! All I meant to do was draw the parallels between my desire to blog the right way, every day if possible, to my desire to keep the fast in the right way, every week, every season, if possible. When I fail (because yeah, I’m gonna fail at blogging daily – just wait for it) it doesn’t mean the end of the blogging, it just means I’ve learned something important that day. Doing something for the wrong reason, even if its something you intended to do, might be no better – or even worse – then not doing it.

I suppose then it might be important for me to pin down exactly what the right reason is for blogging. I’ll let you know when I come up with it.