Black Friday Bait and Switch… does anyone buy this anymore?

Shopping On Black Friday. Why?

So, like everyone else I was game to pay $200 for a Netbook. Like everyone else, I found that many retailers advertised salse for Netbooks at just under $200. Apparently, each retailer had exactly one netbook in the region, state, or possibly country at that price.

I didn’t buy a netbook, or anything else from NewEgg, Target, Best Buy, or any of the other retailers that did that.

NewEgg was the funniest one. I added their netbook to my cart 1 second after it became available at the sale price. 1.5 Seconds later when I completed the transaction I was notified it was canceled becase it was out of stock. Guess what NewEgg, I will never spend a dime at your site again.

Merry Christmas, everyone!