Comment Spammers… not why Al Gore invented the Internet

The spam hit parade keeps on rolling!

It seems comical to me (when looking a server logs, and drupal logs) why people bother using the Internet. Clearly, it only exists for spammer to endlessly hammer anything that smells even remotely like a content delivery system, including drupal, in the hopes that they can post the same generic comment spam, forum spam, email spam, etc. over and over.

  • Does anyone still fall for this crap?
  • Does anyone believe your post saying how great my content is, with a link to some crap site selling crap, loaded with malware, with a WOT rating south of the third circle of hell, is an actual HUMAN posting?
  • Do you think I set this site up just for you to attempt to post stuff to? Really? You do?

I'm about this close to just going back to a quill and parchment.