Living a life of weisure

In the category of ‘why didn’t I think of that term’ I read about the weisure lifestyle over at CNN this morning.

What is weisure time? According to the CNN article, it’s when work and leisure time blend together. Apparently this is breaking news to CNN, which seems odd as I expect the journalists who write for CNN have been ‘working’ outside of the 9-5 block forever. I mean, seriously, even back in the black and white era, journalist have been portrayed as always on the job in TV and Film. That’s gotta be true, right?

Hmmm. seems like CNN didn’t coin the term either.

When I was growing up, my dad had a desk in the living room so he could at least be physically present when he brought home work. I recall him doing that often enough to still remember it 30+ years later. So I’m thinking this is another case of nothing new under the sun – sure, technology lets us work all the time in a different way then it did before, but then so did paper and pencil, or if you want to get silly even the ability to speak.

Before we could talk, we had more leisre time for sure. Once we started grunting at each other we could discuss the last hunt, plan the next hunt, ask how the gathering was going, swap stories about good places to gather and good stuff to eat. Hey, presto – prehistoric weisure time. So brace yourselves, we’re changing modern society now. Yes, we’re thinking about work when we’re not supposed to be working.