Wait, What?


I’m John Schettino. I’m a technologist, or tinkerer, or jack of all trades, or father, or husband, or Mr FixIt. I’ve written stuff, using words and code. I’ve been places, I’ve seen things. I’ve worked for most of the large usual suspects in the valley of silicon, but not for any startups. If you want to know more about me professionally, you could look me up on LinkedIn. Chances are I’m not looking for a change, but hey, you just never know do you?

This site is just my place for posting random thoughts that don’t belong on Facebook, or Twitter, etc. I used to have a nice corpus of technical posts, mostly about running old versions of Linux on ancient hardware, or old CMSs (yes, Drupal and Twiki, I’m talking about YOU.) But the photons of teh Internets move at the speed of… light and no one cares about how we used to have to dial up a BBS and PUT THE HANDSET INTO something to “dial in”… so onward we go.

Expect random bursts of posts. Expect lots of photos of the beach. Because I like the beach, that’s why.