Mac Update Madness!

It's update time again. This time, the Macs got some love.

Recently the wife got the new 13" MBP, and it's running ML. The kid will be getting a MBP soon, but in the meantime is using the ancient mini until we get around to selling that spare kidney….


The mini was on SL. I had done the memory upgrade a while back, tossing in 4GB ram for the sad 1GB it had. That made it usable, but still damn slow. Dug out an old 160GB 7200rpm drive from a laptop upgrade, swapped out the 80gb 500rpm dog of a drive, and got Lion on it. Lion is as high as it will go without making it a hacintosh, and frankly its not gonna happen. Was able to update the linux server to work as a timemachine target again, which I was meaning to do sooner or later. Bottom line, this old mac mini is hanging in there pretty good. Now, if only I could get my netbook hackintosh to 10.6.8 – or god help me, Lion. On an Atom. With 2GB ram. No… must stop…