Captain’s Log: Supplemental

Just in case anyone reads this blog (doubtful) but isn't connected to me on LinkedIn, I've recently changed jobs. This follows a pattern for me of a long stint with a company, followed by a brief transitionary company, and then (hopefully, because I'm really liking this new role) a long relationship with a company. Sorry, Nokia, you were my rebound company.

So, where did I go? I'm now at Microsoft (in Silicon Valley, not Redmond) and more specifically I am in the Operations Engineering group for Speech at Microsoft. I'm working on a lot of interesting problems, with the major difference (career wise) is that this is a product group, and an Operations role. So, yeah, it has to really work. And it has to work at global scale. Pretty fun stuff.

So, to recap: From R&D to Commercial Development. From Open Source/Linux to Microsoft Technology. From a Research role to an Operations role (but still an Software Architect in either…) and from a Phone company, doing next gen Phone OS middle-ware, Augmented Reality, etc. to Microsoft, figuring out how to run services at world scale. Hey, why not change as many variables at once as possible?