Not In Kansas

Back in the day, I ran this site on my home Internet connection… on DSL. Using Twiki. Wow. Good times.

Then I ran it on my business class cable connection, still in my home, but on Drupal. Sweet, 2mbit uplink! So ‘aughts.

Then… VPS hosting became really cheap. So now its running somewhere on “the cloud”. For a few months I ran it on a NodePop server. Then the server just… um… disappeared. Along with the site. Sure, I have a backup but Drupal was becoming kinda needy and I have been using WordPress on other sites, so I just went for it.

Update! All the old Drupal Posts are under this tab in WordPress. Minus the images, currently. I used this page as a guide, and it mostly worked. Better than trying to type all that in again 🙂

Now I’m running on a VPS on Server Mania – they have some pretty sweet specials, and so far (knock wood) they’ve been great.