New Media Wednesday…. Geek Brief Review

Part Two in my infinite series on New Media: Geek Brief.

Let me set the stage for you: Take a cute married couple who love technology, new media, and (I’m guessing) each other, add in technology, guests, and a social network that makes me look like a monk on a stylite, and you end up with Geek Brief.


There are at least three things that make this a must see:

  • Good HD video production values
  • Great chemistry between Cali (the one in front of the camera) and Neal (the one behind it) makes for a lot of energy, fun, and whatever that special something is that makes this stuff watchable
  • The Amazing Speed – Cali talks faster then anyone I have ever heard. Period.

These little snippets are just a few minutes each, so gather up a week’s worth and in 10 minutes or so you’ll be kept up to date on the latest happenings. You’ll likely laugh a bit too. What’s not to like?

No, the dog is not in every show.