P4-clockmod, frequency scaling, ondemand

A long while back I posted how I enabled frequency scaling on my p4-ht linux system to keep it cooler by running the 2.8ghz cpu slower when the load was low. It was working ok using the cpuspeed userspace governor, setting a low speed of 1ghz but it was a bit sluggish to kick speeds up or walk them down, and I felt it could be better… anyway, I just redid my kernel to the latest, and finally got the intel ondemand kernel-space governor working. Wow, that thing works really well. I tweaked the controls so it kicks up whenever load goes over 25%. When using X Windows (XFCE) it mostly sits right at 700mhz, but kicks up to full speed instantly when I do something demanding, or anything happens in the background. Overall system runs about a degree cooler (as shown by mrtg) and the feel of the system is back to what it was running full out 2.8ghz. When I am not using it, it’s 700mhz unless it needs more to serve web pages or email or whatever…. There are plenty of guides on the web for doing this – just google for p4-clockmod ondemand and you’ll find several – just a suggestion to give that a try if you are running a p4 desktop or server that you’d like to cool off a bit. My settings:

scaling_driver: p4-clockmod
scaling_governor: ondemand
scaling_max_freq: 2800000
scaling_min_freq: 700000

ignore_nice: 1
sampling_down_factor: 1
sampling_rate: 1000000
sampling_rate_max: 500000000
sampling_rate_min: 500000
up_threshold: 25