Jurassic Programming

While waiting for a massive SQL data load I went surfing for the bibbet and ended up at BDS C

Back in the days when personal computing looked like this I cut my teeth (or more accurately taught myself to code) using BDS C and the K&R bible.billg_casuall

On my merry trip through teh intertubes I found that BDS C is now Open Source. Well, ok, that happened seven years ago, but I’ve been busy.

Just brought me back. Sure, I sit in front of a massive Gnome desktop while the beast loads millions of records into a database for a one-off test requiring more CPU and disk then likely existed in a large data center let alone a home in the early 80s, with enough cpu left to kill time browsing and then making a blog post, but even beyond that… wow BDS C is open source. Cool!

The thing I actually spent way to many years doing was dBase II programming. I danced with Ada briefly, but she was not my kinda girl.

Good times.