And on the Seventh Day

Depending on how you count, Sunday is either the seventh day, or the first. Whichever day it is, I’m Resting & Worshiping

Like may things, we’ve no doubt borked up whatever it was God had in mind for keeping track of what day it is. I’m thinking God can handle that. I’m pretty sure (and this is just me here, not any official Church Doctrine!) that God can handle most of the other stupid human things we do, will do, and have done. At any rate, Sunday for me is the Day I spend MOSTLY trying, somehow, to do two things – connect with God, and Rest.Jesus_Christ_Orthodox_Icon

For a long time I thought those were two different things, but over time I’ve come to recognize they are one and the same. To rest, to heal, to regenerate – that is to connect with God. Or it’s the result of connecting with God. It’s a mystery.

So enjoy your Sunday. I shall do my best to enjoy mine, and to meet the Incarnate Word.