Not In Kansas

Back in the day, I ran this site on my home Internet connection… on DSL. Using Twiki. Wow. Good times.

Then I ran it on my business class cable connection, still in my home, but on Drupal. Sweet, 2mbit uplink! So ‘aughts.

Then… VPS hosting became really cheap. So now its running somewhere on “the cloud”. For a few months I ran it on a NodePop server. Then the server just… um… disappeared. Along with the site. Sure, I have a backup but Drupal was becoming kinda needy and I have been using WordPress on other sites, so I just went for it.

Update! All the old Drupal Posts are under this tab in WordPress. Minus the images, currently. I used this page as a guide, and it mostly worked. Better than trying to type all that in again 🙂

Now I’m running on a VPS on Server Mania – they have some pretty sweet specials, and so far (knock wood) they’ve been great.

Traffic Shaping (Historical Info)


Overall I have been pleased with the shaping solution below, but I've made one fairly significant change since first publishing this page. I've switched my DSL Modem to one of the new Westell 6000 series with the turbo tcp mode. In a nutshell this mode does the upstream ACK packet shaping for you, and it does it in the right place (the last hop out of your home network.)

P4-clockmod, frequency scaling, ondemand

A long while back I posted how I enabled frequency scaling on my p4-ht linux system to keep it cooler by running the 2.8ghz cpu slower when the load was low. It was working ok using the cpuspeed userspace governor, setting a low speed of 1ghz but it was a bit sluggish to kick speeds up or walk them down, and I felt it could be better... anyway, I just redid my kernel to the latest, and finally got the intel ondemand kernel-space governor working. Wow, that thing works really well. I tweaked the controls so it kicks up whenever load goes over 25%.

The Gadgeteer - editorial published

First gadgeteer post is up @ Streaming Media: Not Just For Computers

Now all I need to do is come up with an endless stream of additional stuff to write about.

Living a life of weisure

In the category of 'why didn't I think of that term' I read about the weisure lifestyle over at CNN this morning.

Browser Wars

Why I hates Browser Programming - it's Wicked. Tricksy, False.

The Totally Rad Show Review

There are a few New Media shows I watch regularly. I figured I'd write up some reviews. First installment: The Totally Rad Show

Patching vs Installing all those Drupal files

Just a quick note, if you've got shell access to your drupal install, this site provides patch sets so you don't have to do the massive copy dance for every new release.

Blinded me with Science

Reflections on the apparent end of the world, swine flu, climate change, economic collapse and evolution.

Selling England by the Pound

We Americans borrow a lot of our (pop?) culture from England. Instead of cloning it, why don't we just give ourselves back?

And on the Seventh Day

Depending on how you count, Sunday is either the seventh day, or the first. Whichever day it is, I'm Resting & Worshiping

Working Out: Like, it's totally hard and stuff. Whatever.

If it wasn't for the threat of death, I would indeed just sit on my arse every day.

Blogging is like Fasting

The discipline of fasting prepares us for communion with God and for His service. Does the discipline of blogging accomplish anything?

New Media Wednesday.... Geek Brief Review

Part Two in my infinite series on New Media: Geek Brief.

Memorial Day Weekend: No shopping required

Memorial Day (and let's go ahead and toss the whole weekend in) should be a time to remember those who have paid for our freedom

Jurassic Programming

While waiting for a massive SQL data load I went surfing for the bibbet and ended up at BDS C

Glowing Monkeys and Other Great Scientific Leaps

Finally, we have glow in the dark monkeys

Where did John go?

The past four and a half months have been an interesting journey. It's a journey that is just a few weeks from ending. I can see the shore, but I'm not yet safely in the harbor. I'll blog it all out once this phase is over. Just a wee bit more to go.

3G? Yawn

Got my Nokia n900 work/dev phone up on T-Mobile 3G/gsm... it's a LOT slower then Sprint's EVDo that I use for my personal phone

64bit Linux? Scream.

I keep hearing THE TIME IS NOW! for 64 bit Linux. Then I try it. Much Sadness Ensues.

Apple iPad - iCan't believe iDidn't see it coming

It's finally here. It's amazing. It's astounding. It's - uh, pretty much what you would expect

News From The Employed

Well, hello there. You may have noticed that the blog content is stale. A post a year just isn't enough, is it?

GPS tracks. iPhone. NMEA Data. Yes, you can

Why would you want NMEA logs from your iPhone? Well... it's a GPS. And you have it. And sometimes NMEA logs are handy...

Twitter feed in Drupal

Twitter in Drupal. It works. Simple. Well, sorta.

Viewsonic gtablet - the best little crappy Android tablet, ever.

Viewsonic rebranded a first generation Tegra2 Android tablet from Malat (the Zpad, more or less) and slapped a horrible version of Android on it.

Captain's Log: Supplemental

Just in case anyone reads this blog (doubtful) but isn't connected to me on LinkedIn, I've recently changed jobs. This follows a pattern for me of a long stint with a company, followed by a brief transitionary company, and then (hopefully, because I'm really liking this new role) a long relationship with a company. Sorry, Nokia, you were my rebound company.

Munin monitoring... for Windows, for Embedded devices, for great justice!

I use Munin to monitor stuff on the home network. Recently, I added a couple monitors - one is a simple web scrape for the new Boxee box that replaced the dedicated HTPC running GBPVR, the other for a Win7 VM (running under Virtual Box on my Ubuntu server, just like the CentOS image that drives this Drupal blog...) needed to run the Boxee Media Manager and also to stream content to the Xbox.

Powershell and Perf Counters - oh bother!

As part of the new reality of working for Microsoft, I'm learning all the Microsoft ways of doing things. I'm in an Operations group doing very large operational things. The intersection of these two lines of thought are PowerShell and Perf Counters.

NoSQL, Drupal. Drupal major upgrade. Modules. Modules Modules.

In the last major chunk of work I did for Nokia, I was working with mongodb (one of the crop of NoSQL document stores popping up like mushrooms in the fall in New England) and, despite some serious warts, I was impressed with the value of an unstructured schemaless data store when working on a fluid prototype. I've been thinking ever since that drupal's data store would be a natural fit for something like mongodb. I wasn't alone.

More Munin Monitoring Madness

Another quick Munin monitor script, this time for drupal 6 (since it works on the database itself, YMMV and who knows if it works on drupal7.)

C++ 11

Just finished up two days of finding out what's new with C++ (C++ 11) at GoingNative2012. You should view the rebroadcasts at that link.

Update Saturday

Today I updated stuff. For a few hours. Yay, the simple life provided by modern technology.

Windows Phone 7

Part 3 in my ongoing Microsoftification is now complete. I'm using an HTC Titan with Windows Phone 7.5, and not my iPhone.

Mac Update Madness!

It's update time again. This time, the Macs got some love.

ios sync fail

Error log when iPhone has bad dock?


Simple Munin Wifi Traffic Monitor

Another in the endless series of Munin monitors, for the sharing on the internets - Intellinet 450N Wifi Router

Comment Spammers... not why Al Gore invented the Internet

The spam hit parade keeps on rolling!


Who knew this was open source?

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