Mind maps in WordPress – seems like a no brainer but apparently not

Quick hunt for some way to do mindmaps in wordpress as a navigational/authoring method for large post ideas didn’t get far. Closest easy free one I found was XMind

XMind will embed for you a map, from their cloud storage, which looks like this:

That’s kinda ok but of no practical navigational use. Note the helpful link icon on Subtopic 1, that you’d want to click but can’t since the whole thing is just an iframe holding a bitmap.

There is one commercial mindmap editor for wordpress, but no free one that does what I’d like.

Mindomo – ah the links survive! This could work, but it’s going to be painful to get from a map to a map where you can click thru to sub-pages on the blog, and the link is nearly impossible to actually see off to the right of “a topic”:

Make your own mind maps with Mindomo.

And… putting the link in the element text itself certainly works, but is ugly (sadly)